Dream It, Do It by Greg McCullough

2015 – by Greg McCullough

Original (sold) – brush oil painting

I created this painting in 2015 for a couple from the Golden Oak community. They wanted a painting that would represent the “Golden Oak Logo” where they live on Disney property.

The original (60×40) is personalized for Lorrie and Russ. In preparation for the prints, only the 84 Disney hidden items (32 Mickeys and 52 characters) have been left and the personalization has been removed. To acknowledge the owners and as a tribute to them, I added “R+L” on the tree. Many people over the years have asked what represent those initials 🙂 They stand for “Russ+Lorrie”.
The Golden Oak tree has been a life changer for me. Since the day the prints were displayed for selling, it has been a huge success and it continues to grow every year.  Several guests have asked for a commission to obtain an original of Dream It, Do It, however, there will always be ONLY one.
This was my first original introduced into the Golden Oak community and since that day, many others have joined it. On top of that, any new Golden Oak owners are given by the property administration, a Dream It, Do It special edition when they buy a new house.
Dream It, Do It is now part of “The Collection” which includes 3 different artworks with many hidden items.  The other two paintings included in The Collection are: Magical Reflection (71 hidden items) and Sunset Lagoon (53 hidden items).  The Collection has been perceived by guests as representing the parks: Magical Reflection (the castle) for Magic Kingdom; Sunset Lagoon with the world showcase for Epcot and Dream It, Do It with the tree of life for Animal Kingdom.  A fourth one might be coming one day for Hollywood Studios…
Dream It, Do It has been so popular that we haven’t been able to keep up with the demands in the last years. We will have it available at our next appearance at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts in January.  We have increased significantly our stock so we are hopping there will be a tree for everyone.
Can you find the 52 hidden characters and the 32 hidden Mickeys in there?

Dream It, Do It – Characters Checklist:

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