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Next appearance: Art of Disney, Disney Springs May 31st to June 9th, 2024
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Greg and Nath: Every day 2pm to 6pm


About Greg -n- Nath

Greg brings joy to thousands fans with his wonderful Disney paintings. 
Greg’s crowning jewel: a long-term relationship with the Disney characters for advertising Disney park promotions as well as a formidable presence as a Fine Artist within the Art of Disney family. 
His trademark is represented with the hidden Mickeys he draws in most of his paintings. 
Nath, an endlessly curious, self-taught and an energetic lover of life. Indeed, immersed in a creative life, she passionately, tirelessly spends her days painting and learning.   Therefore, 2020 found Nath approved as a Disney Fine Artist with her own line of paintings! In short, Nath paints with a razor blade – a technique invented by Greg.   
Of course, she also has hidden Mickeys in several of her paintings.
Hidden Mickey Expert token

Come and play with them!  Can you find all the hidden Mickeys in one image?  If so, be sure to ask for your Hidden Mickey Expert token!  If Greg and Nath are there, don’t hesitate to ask them to sign it!

Greg and Nath McCullough
Mickey heads separator


From the world of disney

The Collection includes 4 paintings: Magical Reflection, Dream It, Do It, Sunset Lagoon and Partners.  

Altogether more than 300 items hiding in those images.

MAGICAL REFLECTION: Created as a tribute for the Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary.  It shows 50 hidden Mickeys along with 21 opening day icons.  

DREAM IT, DO IT:  A commission for a couple from the Golden Oak Community.  Undoubtedly this painting is the best seller ever of our whole portfolio.  Moreover, it contains not only 52 hidden characters but also 32 hidden Mickeys.

SUNSET LAGOON: The official poster for Epcot Festival of the Arts 2018.  It includes 18 Epcot elements as well as 35 hidden Mickeys (for the 35th Anniversary of Epcot).

PARTNERS:  Greg’s latest “Mega Mickeys” painting.  This is his tribute to the 100th Anniversary of Walt Disney.  You might have guessed already…  100 hidden Mickeys in this one.

Have fun finding everything!


A new era: McCullough Art

Greg and I met for the first time at the Art of Disney Gallery in Disney Springs.  Clearly I was (still is) a huge Disney fan and I went regularly on solo trip to Disney to refill my energy level. 

Particularly on one of those trips, I discovered Greg’s amazing artwork. Furthermore I saw the wonderful human being behind the artwork.  It clicked immediately between us.  He enjoys to say I stalked him during the Epcot International Festival of the Arts.  Of course, that makes us both laugh.  On the other end, for me, I was contemplating from a distance how busy his tent was and how he was interacting with the guests.  I definitely didn’t want to interfere. 🙂 

Finally, several months later, I moved in with him.  Not long after, he started to teach and coach me on painting.  It should be noted I had never painting before.  However, I couldn’t get enough of all he was (still is) teaching me.  Amazingly, in 2020, I was approved as a Disney Fine Artist with my own line of paintings. 

Since both of us are now Disney Fine Artists, we officially created “Greg’n Nath McCullough Art”. 

A new era has begun.


Artwork - Formats and Prices

We do not sell outside of Disney nor online.  Our artwork is available only on Disney properties when we are there.   This list may be subject to changes.  Furthermore, the availability of a format cannot be guaranteed.  

For questions, please contact us via Messenger on Facebook or send us an email at