Magical Reflection

2020 – by Greg McCullough

Original (sold) – brush oil painting

This painting was a commission for a couple in the Golden Oak community. Nath and I went to meet them at their propriety to share ideas of what the painting could be. I had prepared notes on what I thought would be great. I let Mike and Cindy speak first about their idea. We were so surprised and amazed – we had the exact same idea! The side of the castle with the reflection on the water. The painting was then officially spoken for them.

The sketch was submitted to Disney for approval with the idea that it could be a painting hiding 50 Mickeys and 21 opening day icons (for 1971 and 50 years). The painting could be used as an official image on merchandises for the 50th Anniversary of Magic Kingdom. Disney liked the sketch and the idea. All I needed to do was to add the 50th decorations on the castle. I had the privilege of seeing what the decorations would be on the castle so I can reproduce them in my painting.

To explain how we came up with 2 versions of Magical Reflection: Once I finished painting the original, we had it scanned and printed on a canvas. Then I painted the decorations on the print version. This version was scanned and used as the 50th Anniversary Magical Reflection.

We kept the exclusivity of selling the original artwork without the decorations while Disney would sell the version with the decorations. You can see in the parks, in the Art Galleries, Magical Reflection (with decorations) on various merchandises. Those are available only during the 50th Anniversary celebrations. Our version without the decorations is there to stay and will continue to be available after the celebrations.

I don’t know if anyone caught why it is called “Magical Reflection” 🙂 Yes there is a reflection of the castle on the water. However, the real meaning of “magical” is… there are no decoration reflected on the water.

Magical Reflection is part of “The Collection” which includes 3 different artworks with many hidden items.  The other two paintings included in The Collection are: Dream It, Do It (84 hidden items) and Sunset Lagoon (53 hidden items).  The Collection has been perceived by guests as representing the parks: Magical Reflection (the castle) for Magic Kingdom; Sunset Lagoon with the world showcase for Epcot and Dream It, Do It with the tree of life for Animal Kingdom.  A fourth one might be coming one day for Hollywood Studios…

Can you find the 50 hidden Mickeys and the 21 opening day icons?

Opening Day Icons Checklist:

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