Partners – Charcoal

2023 – Digital Charcoal by Art of Disney Fine Artist Greg McCullough

Partners original oil painting is the latest addition to The Collection which includes Dream It, Do It, Magical Reflection and Sunset Lagoon.  The paintings included in The Collection are images that contain from 50 to 100 hidden items each.

November of 2022, I spent 4, life changing days (23GB of photos!) scouring the museum of Norman Rockwell in Stockbridge MA. I wanted to know “How he did what he did, so fast, so perfect and still had fun?”

For me, the missing puzzle piece is simple but not easy. For every painting, Norman Rockwell created a fully rendered, charcoal drawing at the size of his final canvas, approximately 30″x40″. Huge, messy job that my ego, laziness and all my time spent gathering copious amounts of reference told me “from a tight sketch and lots of reference, I can figure out everything needed as I paint the final canvas”. I was mistaken, this path has been a painful one for me.

From now on, in preparation for the color painting, a charcoal is created with all the values, darks and lights. This is my solution to have more fun painting. Figure out the hard stuff of values and shapes in a B&W charcoal drawing then move to the actual color painting.

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