2022 – by Nath McCullough

Original (sold) – Remnants style oil painting

That painting was so much fun to do! Purple, turquoise, blue and pink are part of my favorite colors to play with. I like Olaf very much so that helps having fun with it. That said, I LOVE Bruni! He is my favorite. I have a salamander tattooed on my calf and that was done wayyyy back then (not to say my age but…), like 25 years ago. Just sayin’ 😀

Painting a snowman surrounded with snow. How to make him stand out from the rest? That was a fun challenge.

Remnants style:

Greg taught me the technique. He created the style tired of throwing away the left over paint from his Disney painting whenever he was cleaning his palette. The idea of abstract painting with left over paint came as a good way of recycling it. Initially the Remnants were mainly used for abstract painting. Then it developed into a way of painting Disney characters as well.

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