Dopey’s Treasure

2022 – by Greg McCullough

Original (sold) – brush oil painting

This painting is released for the first time at the Epcot International Festival of the Arts in January 2023.   Inspired by the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Magic Kingdom.

The original sketch was Nath’s idea. It was meant to be a close up of Dopey in the cart with the gems. It was supposed to be painted as a Remnants style (razor blade). However, while I was drawing the sketch, ideas came and the other dwarfs were added on as well as more of the mine surroundings. It became clear it would be a complex painting and Nath wasn’t comfortable taking this challenge. As a team, we agreed it would be a great painting for me to create and bring the dwarfs to life.

I was obsessed with the gems. I studied and researched on them, as I do with every subject I want to paint. I hope you will be pleased by the results

Can you find the 6 hidden Mickeys?

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