Collage de Disney

2020 – by Nath McCullough

Triptych originals (available) – Remnants style oil painting.

Can you guess the movies?

There are 25 different movies and some appear more than once. Each canvas is 30×46.  The painting was created with a razor blade (glass scraper). 

This painting was initially thought to be an abstract. The shapes were created on each canvas, ready to paint. For a long time, the 3 panels were set aside, forgotten in a corner of the house. I was constantly craving for more and more to paint and found those panels. Greg and I brainstormed on what could be done with them. The idea came: “Why not make snapshots of Disney movies and guests can play trying to figure out what they are?”. Now that the idea was found, the fun began. We spent hours and hours trying to find the perfect snapshots for each shapes, moving them around, playing with colors and movements. We finally came up with a satisfying collage. The painting was ready to start!

Ok… now where do I start? Trying to see only one tree at a time (that is my favorite motto), I gradually filled the canvases with colors. At the beginning, I was constantly thinking “how will this ever look like snapshots of Disney movies?”. After all, painting with a razor blade has its challenges. It is not that easy to fill small area or to do circles. After some areas were fully covered with paint, I was so pleased with the results: wow, we can tell what it is!! Some are very easy, some are difficult. Hey we need to keep some challenges 🙂

Since its release in 2021, Collage de Disney has been played by a lot of Disney fans. Whenever I can, I always enjoy very much to join the guests and play with them.

Checklist of the movies:

101 Dalmatians
Alice in Wonderland (2)
Beauty and the Beast
Cinderella (2)
Frozen (2)
Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Jungle Book
Lady and the Tramp
Lilo and Stitch (2)
Lion King
Little Mermaid
Mulan (2)
Peter Pan
Robin Hood
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White (2)
The Emperor New Groove

PS: The print of this artwork is available in one piece including the 3 panels.

Remnants style:

Greg taught me the technique.  He created the style tired of throwing away the left over paint from his Disney painting whenever he was cleaning his palette. The idea of abstract painting with left over paint came as a good way of recycling it. Initially the Remnants were mainly used for abstract painting. Then it developed into a way of painting Disney characters as well.

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